In our company, there are available professionals, who can according to your idea about new product, propose material and convenient shape of a new product from plastication point of view, to design extruding tool, provide its production, and prepare samples of a new product for next testing of functionality.

It can be said that development of tools for new extruded profiles is inseparable part of our production. Correctly proposed shape of a new profile (fulfilling expectations of customer) reflects on his satisfaction and satisfaction of his clients.

It is a common phenomenon that our customer comes only with unclear idea of what he would be interested in. In these cases, thanks to our experience, we help to our customer to create a clear idea about future product.

In many cases this is the most effective way, because we anticipate situations, in which there is necessary to solve complicated tasks of technological and manufacturing character, that on the end saves overall investments invested to development and production of a new plastic product.